Neighborhood Treasure Hunt!

Paint & Hide: a neighborhood treasure hunt! Look for hidden painted rocks around Whittier Heights, including Kirke Park, and post photos of them to the “NW Seattle Rocks” Facebook page:

1. Gather a few rocks, paint, brushes and decorate your rocks!
2. Write “NW Seattle Rocks, Facebook” on the bottom of the rocks so finder knows to which Facebook group to post photos of found rocks.
3. Hide your rock!

Kirke Park P-Patch

Did you know the Kirke Park P-Patch on 9th Ave NW has a giving garden to grow vegetables for the Ballard Food Bank? The p-patch gardeners grow, harvest and deliver the veggies. Here’s today’s 17 lb. bounty of kale, beans, zucchini, tomatoes, snap peas and chard. A food bank shopper commented, “you can’t get more local than that!” 
Do you have extra from your garden or fruit trees? Please consider donating: